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Great Northern Riding Club
P.O. Box 961
3860 Kula Vista Drive
Eagle River, WI USA 54521

. .Kula Ranch Beef & Poultry

Are You Looking For Fabulous - Delicious - Chemical and
Hormone FREE Meat for your freezer?

Our Kula Ranch Meats are ready for you to purchase and enjoy!

Kula Ranch Beef is grass fed and available 1/2 or 1/4 sides.
Price includes complete shrink wrapping - delivery back from butcher to
Vilas County area and in addition we will be delivering down state.

Kula Ranch Ground Beef is also available.
Buy it by the 1lb., 2lb. or 5lb packages. Restaurants contact direct please.
Get your order in for a summer supply of awesome beef for perfect burgers!

– Click here for more info –

Producers of Exceptional Poultry

    • Delicious whole roasters available periodically.
    • Naturally fed, no hormones.
    • Reserved orders - Limited availability
    • Please call for specific information and current price.

– Click here to Order –

Kula Ranch Layers Produce the Tastiest Eggs!

Free-Roaming eggs which come from chickens that live in a open,
free ranging pen. These chickens are fed all-natural feed with no hormones.

  • Simply Delicious.
  • Laid with Love
  • Available Daily - Call for reserve order


Makes GREAT gifts for loved ones too.
Contact me for further information.

Kim Simac

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