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If we don't teach her to
LOVE America...


Books by Kim Simac

"You Can Be A Star!"
Books that promote big dreams and patriotism!



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"With My Rifle by My Side"

The right to bear arms, our constitutional right and a fundemental link to the the heritage left to us by our fore fathers. A story that will teach the honor and responsibility that comes with the ownership of guns.



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Have you told your kids
you love America lately?

The third book in Kim Simac's series "You Can Be A Star!" With it's patriotic message and support for our troops, this book relays the importance of protecting America's freedoms and our fragile way of life. With respect for our military, our flag and God, Simac simple story will teach children just what it means to serve and protect one's homeland. A lesson to the young and a reminder to the old, this is our home and it is a privilege to be an American.



For girls who dream of playing hockey!

Book 2 in Kim Simac's "You Can Be A Star!" series.
The one and only book for girls who dream of playing the great game of hockey. Not just boys anymore, girls hockey is one of the fastest growing sports today and this story tells how through hard work and determination, dreams can come true.

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For all who dream of playing hockey!

The first book in the "You Can Be A Star" series by Kimberly Jo Simac. A retired "Hockey Mom" her story tells of how one little boy's dreams and his hard work to succeed enable him to become a hockey star! A great book for all who love hockey and a perfect easy reader book for young kids.

Have your copy signed by the author!




American Soldier Proud & Free
When I Grow Up - Going to be a Hockey Star
Girls Play Hockey Too


American Soldier Proud and Free
Girls Play Hockey Too!
When I Grow Up I'm Going to Be a Hockey Star


The Courageous Adventures
of Bubba & Clyde

Enter the world of possibly the bravest, smartest canine alive! Bubba a young pup who comes to a Wisconsin farm to take on not only the head job of farm security, but the most important mission of bringing happiness back into a young family who has suffered a terrible tragedy. Young readers will experience first hand just what it takes to be head of security for this little Welsh Corgi and the adventures he finds along the way.

On the other side of town is Officer Clyde-Canine Patrol. A veteran of the local police department and a loyal companion to his partner Deputy Kistarr. A hard working dog who takes his job very seriously. Little does he know that he is soon to meet a comrade who together will face the perils of their time.

Inspired by a true story
Proudly Printed in America


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