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Great Northern Riding Club
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Kula Ranch Beef Raised
in Beautiful Vilas County

Producers of Exceptional Beef

Taking orders for Fall beef and
available June 1st ground beef packaging

1/4 or 1/2 orders reserve with a $300.00 Deposit

2017 1/8 Prices Hanging, including shrink wrapping by
USDA Butcher and all fees: $5.50 per pound

2017 1/4 Prices Hanging, including shrink wrapping by
USDA Butcher and all fees: $5.25 per pound

2017 1/2 Prices Hanging, including shrink wrapping by
USDA Butcher and all fees: $5.00 per pound

2017 Kula Ranch Ground Meat Packaged Prices:

Buy - 1lb $5.50

Buy 5 - 9lb $5.25

Buy - 10lb+ $5.00

What am I getting when I order a 1/2 of side of
Kula Ranch Grass Fed Beef?

(1/4 cuts available)

Possibly the greatest way to enjoy the ‘BEST” of ALL the cuts of a side of Beef is when ordering a 1/2 steer. You will be able to tell the butcher how thick you want your steaks cut, how many pounds you would like your roasts cut and wrapped, and how you would like your ground meat packaged.

Remember you are paying for the HANGING WEIGHT of the butchered steer. You will loose a percent-age of that weight when the processing is done and your “take home—packaged beef” will be LESS than the “Hanging weight”. Still, you will have a freezer full of naturally raised, grass fed beef. Meat that came from an animal who led a stress-free life with no chemicals or hormones in their system.

A sample of your cuts are as follows and this is just an example.
All cuts and results vary due to size of individual animal.

1. Choice Steaks packed 2 per package—NY Strips—cut 3/4—1” thick—10-12: Tenderloin 1-1/2” thick—6 to 8 each,: or Porterhouse—4 3/4—1” thick—4 each: T-Bone—3/4—1” thick—10-12 each:

2. Choice Sirloin Steaks—3/3: thick—8-10 each

3. Choice Rib-eye Rib Roasts –bone in is good—request your size packages—2-3lbs is common—12-16 each.

4. Choice Pot Roasts—Arm, Chuck, Round, Sirloin Tip—request your size packages—2-3lbs is com-mon—you will receive many of this variety. ENJOY all season long!

5. Choice Ground Cuts— Choose your pound per package to wrap. We recommend keeping the short ribs, flank and brisket out as they are great but you can choose to add these to the ground cuts. Look for delicious ground meat and a range of 50-80 lbs of packages will be wrapped depending on the size of animal and exactly how you choose to cut your meat..

6. Meat for Stewing made from the Arm or Chuck Roasts—estimated 6—8 packages

7. You will be asked if you would like the following: We suggest you say YES! To all. Soup bones, Liver, Heart, Tongue.

8. Our VERY FAVORITE are the packaged SHANKS. Yes, Shanks. Defrost, place in foil in a pan and cover with your favorite juices. We love olive oil, soy sauce, Italian dressing, sweet and sour sauce or any jelly or jam in your refrigerator. Add a little water or wine, salt and pepper and cover tightly. Cook low—250 degrees for many hours. Serve with potatoes, rice or noodles. YUM, YUM!



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