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Kula Ranch Products

Kula Ranch Gift Boxes - An Elegant
and Exclusive Way to Give!

Limited in Supply Each Year –
Kula Ranch Gift Boxes

Spectacular concoctions made especially for you on our farm in Northern Wisconsin. For any occasion send a Kula Ranch Specialty Gift Box that will delight the recipient with the home grown, naturally raised and processed original recipes, certain to please all.

- Order Soon -
The Limited supply of Kula Ranch Boxes
will sell out fast!


Kula Ranch Teaser Gift Box

Our most affordable gift box. A teaser of flavors to tempt the appetite of all! 1 half pint of a seasonal Kula Ranch jam, marinade or sauce. Accompanied by a 6 oz stash of yummy Kula Ranch Trail Mix.


Kula Ranch Tasty Surprise

2 half pints Kula Ranch Seasonal Jams
6 oz Candied Nut & Berry Mix
Lac La Belle Lupine Seed Pak


Kula Ranch Holiday Delight

2 full pints and 1 half pint
Kula Ranch Specialty Recipe Jams, Sauces, Salsa or Marinade
6 Oz. Candied Nut & Berry Mix
Lac La Belle Lupine Seed Pak


Kula Ranch Party Package

3 Full Pints Kula Ranch Specialty Recipe Jams, Sauces & Salsa
1 half pint Jalapeño –Cranberry HOT Marinade
WAKE UP, AMERICA - Gourmet Coffee 8oz
2—6 oz Vilas County Trail Mix
Lac Lu Belle Lupine Seed Pak

The ULTIMATE Kula Ranch
Holiday Specialty Taster Box

This IS the most special gift to bring for the holidays! Hurry and don't wait - Reserve one of the VERY LIMITED Kula Ranch Holiday Specialty Taster Boxes that include a variety of Kula Ranch naturally raised and grass-fed Angus Beef and free ranging Chickens. Fresh Kula Ranch produce and all of our home spun recipes that are canned for true pleasure. Top that with a fresh baked secret holiday recipe pie, and a tub of Kim's favorite cookie dough, ready to bake. Coffee, trail mixes, and a gift from us to you... a special bottle of wine from the cellars of California Naked Wines. The Kula Ranch 2015 Beef reserve is extremely limited. These boxes have a value of over $250.



- Click here for a PDF Gift Box order form -

Kim Simac

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